Monday, February 23, 2009

Cockpit Work IV

Wow. It's coming together beautifully. The cockpit is not 100% done, but the boat is sailable. Which is good, because we're moving aboard this weekend and we need to move her... We're hoping for some Westerly or Northwesterly wind.


jaywfitz said...

Looks good guys! Nice job of keeping a consistent theme. Congrats on the bean and Sara is looking lovely indeed! Did you pull the fuel tank or keep it?

Ari said...

Thanks Jay. It's definitely important to us to make changes that are in keeping with Macha's original design/purpose/spirit.

We left the fuel tank for now. For the next couple years I think we'll be glad to have it. But as we head south and as the baby turns into a toddler I could imagine us shuffling things around to build a quarter berth in what is now "the garage".