Thursday, May 20, 2010

If I Could Just Accomplish One Simple Thing Today...

So often, owning a boat feels like a chicken fight with Entropy.

The other day I was stomping around in the dark, perhaps on my way to change a crappy diaper, perhaps on my way to do some other chore. My foot caught a piece of wood trim near the base of the companionway ladder and cracked a big piece right off.

That was weeks ago. Work, grad school, baby all intervened. I just got around to gluing and clamping it today. Ah, the small satisfaction of a day where I fix more than I break!

Now going to attempt a rescue mission for a kerosene jug that was glassed into the stern anchor chain locker when we had the cockpit redone. It won't fit through the access hatch, so I've got to cut it into tiny chunks, then mount a strong eye down there so we can secure the bitter end of our rode. Any chore that can be done with a Sawzall is typically a good chore!

- Ari


Tucker said...

More posts please!

online lotto draw said...

wow, i have no idea what that last paragraph means!

MechanismBusboy said...

Sawzalls satisfy me on so many levels... I once cut a couch in half with one -- it made me feel like I was Jack from The Shining.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Miss you guys. S.

bloc hornet reviews said...

looks like a decent sailing vessel, hope you guys are having lots of fun with it!

Mark Dierker said...

Ari, I'm an old acquaintance from the oar club trying to make contact with you.. Oh, and I agree. More posts please! :)